Taper Lock Equipment

The taper lock is the industrial standard shaft fixing device, and accomodate a cost-effective and quick way to firmly fasten a particular component to a shaft. It is offered in a large range of sizes and bore sizes, both metric and imperial, to offer the widest possible off-the-shelf solution for shaft fixing.

One advantage of using a taper lock is that it avoids the additional costs and delays of having to have items sent for machining to be bored and keyed to fit a specific shaft diameter.

The most frequent usage of a taper lock is with pulleys, sprockets, and shaft coupling hubs, all of which are available ready to take a taper lock bush. Assembly is as simple as fitting the bush to the part (i.e., a sprocket), inserting the supplied grub screws, locating the assembled unit onto the shaft, and then tightening to the appropriate torque to ensure a secure, firm fit.

In addition to the item to be fitted to the shaft, the main component of the Taper Lock system is the bush itself. The bush is defined by its size, and its bore. Each bush has a keyway machined to accepted ISO recommendations for either metric or imperial shafts as appropriate. For example, a 1610 Taper Lock bush is suitable for bore sizes between 14mm and 40mm (metric), and between ½” and 1 5/8” (imperial), whilst a smaller 1108 bush covers the range 9mm to 25mm (metric) and 3/8” and 1” imperial.

In conjunction with the bushes, hubs can also be used. These are offered in both weld-on and bolt-on varieties, and are used to convert an existing part that may already have been bored and keyed for a fixed shaft size to be able to use Taper Lock bushes. This is particularly useful if the component is being moved to another shaft of a different diameter than the one it was originally machined for.

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