Single Phase and Three Phase Electric Motors

An electric motor is an electromechanical device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

A vast majority of electric motors operate through the interaction of magnetic fields and current-carrying conductors to generate force. The reverse process, producing electrical energy from mechanical energy, is done by generators such as an alternator or a dynamo; some electric motors can also be used as generators, for example, a traction motor on a vehicle may perform both tasks. Electric motors and generators are regularly referred to as electric machines.

Electric motors are found in applications as diverse as industrial fans, pumps and blowers, machine tools, household appliances, power tools, and disk drives. They may be powered by direct current, e.g., a battery powered portable device or motor vehicle, or by alternating current from a central electrical distribution grid or inverter.

Small motors may be found in electric wristwatches. Medium-size motors of highly standardized dimensions and characteristics provide convenient mechanical power for industrial uses. The very largest electric motors are used for propulsion of ships, pipeline compressors, and water pumps with ratings in the millions of watts. Electric motors may be classified by the source of electric power, by their internal construction, by their application, or by the type of motion they give.

Here at Townsend Bearings we supply single phase electric motors which are suitable for industrial equipment and domestic applications with a single phase 220/240V supply. Single phase motors are available in either permanent capacitor or cap start / cap run. We are able to offer single phase motors from 0.18KW upwards in 2 pole and 4 poles giving rotation speeds of 1500RPM and 3000RPM.

We also supply three phase electric motors which are suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. The three phase electric motors that we mainly supply are constructed from aluminium and suit a wide range of requirements. These motors can be used for a variety of tasks ranging from conveyor belt systems to air conditioners. We are able to offer three phase motors from 0.09KW onwards in 2 pole, 4 pole, 6 pole and 8 pole. All of our motors above 0.75KW upwards we supply to a high efficiency IE 2 (Eff1) specification. Anything below 0.75KW is supplied to an IE 1 (Eff2) specification.

All of our catalogues are available to download in PDF format. To view our catalogues see links to the main Drives, Controllers and Couplings catalogue and main Single and Three Phase Electric Motor sections below.

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Inverters and Electric Motors

Single and Three Phase Electric Motor Catalogue Sections
Electric Motors – Basic Dimentions

Electric Motors – 3 Phase 2 Pole 3000rpm 50Hz
Electric Motors – 3 Phase 4 Pole 1500rpm 50Hz
Electric Motors – 3 Phase 6 Pole 1000rpm 50Hz
Electric Motors – 3 Phase 8 Pole 750rpm 50Hz

Electric Motors – Single Phase Capacitor Start / Capacitor Run and Permanent Capacitor

Electric Motors – Detailed Dimensions 56 – 90 Frame
Electric Motors – Detailed Dimensions 100 – 160 Frame
Electric Motors – Detailed Dimensions 63 – 100 Frame: Capacitor Run
Electric Motors – Detailed Dimensions 63 – 90 Frame: Permanent Capacitor

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