Pulleys are simple devices that are used in conjunction with belts to transmit mechanical power. By using pulleys of different diameters at opposite ends of the drive, a mechanical advantage is created and the pulleys rotate at different speeds. This is one the simplest and most common ways of controlling speeds on mechanical drives, e.g. an electric motor driving a fan, where a fixed final speed is required.

There is generally a drive pulley, which would be on the motor shaft, and a driven pulley, which would be on the fan shaft. By altering the diameters of them, the speed at which the fan will rotate can be controlled.

Consider a pulley of 100mm diameter on the motor shaft rotating at 1000 rpm. (revolutions per minute). If a pulley of the same diameter is placed on the fan shaft then the fan will rotate at the same speed, 1000rpm. However, if a pulley of 200mm diameter is placed on the fan shaft, then the pulley on the motor would have to rotate twice just to turn the larger pulley on the fan once. The result of this example would be that the pulley on the fan shaft, and therefore the fan, would rotate at 500rpm, half that of the pulley on the motor shaft.

This simple process of altering the diameters of the pulleys enables engineers setting up mechanical drives to easily alter the rotational speeds of a large variety of equipment. A common example is the fan belt drive in a car. Setting up chain drives follows the same principles.

Single groove and multi groove v belt pulleys are used with cogged and wrapped drive belts in various power transmission applications such as pumps, air conditioning, compressors, marine, engineering and agricultural environments. Our pulleys are available taper lock fitting or pilot bore.

Single and multi-groove vee belt pulleys are most commonly made from cast iron and aluminium, but can also be supplied in steel, stainless steel, brass and plastic in order to suit specific environments e.g. Stainless steel pulleys would be used in a food preparation area. Single groove, multiple groove and stepped pulleys are available to suit all the standard belt sections such as SPA, SPB, SPC, SPZ, A, B, C and Z.

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