Shaft Locking

Shaft LockingThere are various methods of shaft locking, with the most common one being the tapered bush which is widely used in pulleys, sprockets and couplings as a means of fitting them to different shaft diameters without having to do any machining at all.

Many self lube bearings have separate locking collars, most of which are off-centre and eccentric collars that enable easier fitting and removal of the bearing.

There are many types of shaft locking devices include the Ring Type locking device shown in one of the photographs. The Ring type is used when the shaft has no keyway.

We are also able to supply keys and keysteel where they are required.

Whatever the application is, we should be able to find a suitable solution to the problem that you are facing.

See our Taper Lock Equipment page for more detailed information and for links to our range of Taper Lock Equipment PDF catalogues that can be downloaded.

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