Ball Transfer Units

Ball Transfer unitsWe supply a range of Ball Transfer Units here at Townsend Bearings.

Ball transfer units consist of a large ball seated on a quantity of small ball bearings in a hemispherical cup. There are from 80 to 150 ball bearings in the cup depending on what the size of the unit is. This design enables the large ball to rotate freely and instantaneously in any direction. Extremely heavy loads can be moved with the minimum of effort.

The units are pre-lubricated during manufacture and, aside from a cleaning them every now and then, they are effectively maintenance free. They can also operate in temperatures ranging from -30 degrees up to 70 degrees.

There are many types of Ball Transfer Units, such as the flange fitting and the European type. The flange fitting consists of Zinc plated pressed steel with carbon steel balls and also stainless steel body with stainless balls. This type has three holes.
The European type is very similar to the flange fitting. With Zinc plated pressed steel with carbon steel balls and
stainless steel body with stainless balls. The difference is the main cup, which is manufactured from toughened steel.
Other units include bolt fitting, spring loaded and base fixing.

Ball transfer units are generally mounted into a conveying table top and used to enable items such as metal and wood sheets to be moved around a factory.

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