Shot Blasting Services

Shot Blasting ServicesAll of our blast cleaning is done in house in either the hand cabinet or our bespoke shot blasting room, and we are able to cope with a very vast range of requirements, from frosting a fragile piece of glass to a 20 foot long chassis or trailer.

Listed Below are some examples of the sort of items that we clean:

Railings, Garden Furniture, Garden Gates, Vehicle Chassis and Body Shells, Truck and Tractor Cabs, Trailers, Digger Buckets, Vintage Vehicles, Glass Frosting, Oak Beams, Marine Equipment, Agricultural and Horticultural Machinery, Antique Fire Surrounds, Steel or Alloy Wheels.

Call us, email us or visit us for a Free Estimate.

Please note that we may need to see the items before we can estimate a price, however, in the majority of cases we should be able to give an idea of price over the phone based on previous work that we have done.

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