Rosta Tensioners and Mountings

Rosta Tensioners and MountingsThe Rosta element is a jointed spring with four pre-tensioned special rubber bodies between housings and an inner square profile offset by 45 degrees.

This amazing device can act as a torsion spring, pivot bearing and anti-vibration mount all in one unit. It’s maintenance-free operation can provide the user with lower machinery operating costs by increasing service intervals.

Applications include Belt and Chain Tensioners, Bases for Electric Motors, Oscillation Units, Anti-Vibration Mounts and Suspension Units.

There are many different tensioner devices, such as the Type SE-B(Boomerang). This device compensates the slack in very long chain drives, with a bended double arm, two sprocket wheels, it offers triple allowance for the slack. Information on other Rosta tensioner devices can be found in our PDF catalogues.

We also sell many different types of Motor Bases, such as Type MB 100. Type MB 100 is a self-adjusting motorbase and is for friction belt drives with drive power in the 90 kW to 250kW. More information on Motorbases can be found in our PDF catalogues.

Suspension units. oscillation units and Anti-Vibration Mounts are other products in the Rosta range which we sell here at Townsend Bearings. These items can also be downloaded from our PDF catalogue or from the list below.

For technical information on the various types available and photos showing examples of the many applications for this technology, download the pdf catalogues on this page or from our library section.

Please contact us if you don’t find the information that you’re looking for and we will be pleased to help.

Available Catalogues

Rosta Anti-Vibration Mountings
Rosta Motorbases
Rosta Oscillating Mountings
Rosta Suspension Units
Rosta Tensioner Devices

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