Radiator Sales and Repairs

Radiator Sales and RepairsFor many years now, Townsend Bearings has been selling and repairing automotive radiators of all makes and models.

The vast majority of modern vehicle radiators are made of a plastic, throwaway construction and we are able to offer competitive quotations on most makes and models.

For the more robust commercial, industrial and agricultural radiators, we offer a comprehensive service. This service includes modifying, re-coring and repairing. Generally, these radiators are of a copper and brass construction.

Modern vehicle radiators aside, we are also able to re-core and repair vintage radiators for restoration products.

We appreciate that when a radiator is damaged it is generally critical due to the inconvenience of being without a vehicle or piece of machinery so we always try to deal with the situation accordingly.

We also include modifications. These Modifications that are possible include moving pipes and filler spouts to suit engine conversions.

In association with this we also supply antifreeze. This is a product which is just as important in the summer as it is in winter. In the summer it acts as a more effective coolant. Winter, it helps prevent frost damage.

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