Perma Star Vario/Control Time/Control Impulse

Perma Star

There are three different types of Perma Star, but they are all independent on the temperature and precise.

How Perma Star Vario works

It has a electromechanical drive and the power to the application comes from a battery. With it having a battery, this means there is no cable laying needed to be done and it can also be switched off. This is beneficial as it only lubricates when needed, helping save lubricant and also prevents over-lubrication.

The device comes in three different sizes, with three different volumes. These volumes are; 60cm³, 120cm³ and 250cm³.

The status of the device is always displayed due to the LED function lights.

Perma Star Control Time/Star Control Impulse

Perma Star Control Time and Star Control Impulse are very similar to Perma Star Vario. Just like Vario, these two devices have an electromechanical drive and operates by temperature independence. They also deliver specific amounts of lubrication and are available in three different sizes.

There is a unique feature of Perma Star Control Time and Impulse. This feature is their connection to machine control. With being connected, it means that lubrication is only happening whilst the machine is in use. This saves lubricant and stops over-lubrication and also provides a reliable discharge.

Advantages of Perma Star Vario

  • Battery operated
  • Can be turned off
  • LED Function lights
  • Correct discharge of the needed amount of lubricant
  • No cable laying needed
  • Electromechanical drive unit mean it is reusable
  • Perma Star Catalogues

    All of our catalogues are available in PDF format to download. To view our Perma Lubrication Systems catalogue please use the link below or on our Catalogues page.

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