Perma Nova

Perma Nova

Perma Nova, for applications with great changes in temperature.

How Perma Nova works

The operating principle is established on an electrochemical reaction via gas generating cells.

Perma Nova can be used within temperatures ranging from -20 degrees up to +60 degrees, making it ideal for applications with variable temperatures.

It is easy to program and control the discharge period, as on the Nova control unit, there is a selection button. A temperature sensor periodically measures the temperature and the Nova control unit calculates the required gas generation based on this data. This makes sure there is a controlled and flowing discharge. This control unit is also reusable.

The Perma Nova has different discharge periods. These periods are; One, three, six and twelve months. Unlike other Perma products, such as Perma Classic, it does not have an activator screw. But instead, has the Nova control unit.

Advantages of Perma Nova

  • Oil discharge is controlled.
  • Reusable Control Unit
  • Suitable with a variety of application.
  • Settings can be change when ever. The amount of discharge is automatically adjusted.
  • Can be used in dangerous environments.
  • Perma Nova Catalogues

    All of our catalogues are available in PDF format to download. To view our Perma Lubrication Systems catalogue please use the link below or on our Catalogues page.

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