Perma Futura

Perma Futura

If the environment is required to be hygienic, look no further than Perma Futura.

How Perma Futura works

The operating principle is established on an electrochemical reaction. Perma Futura is the perfect automatic lubricator in areas that need to be hygienic or in areas where there are severe operating conditions which could lead to the corrosion of electronic systems or metal lubrication systems.

Perma Futura also has an LCD display on the top, with a push button control.

Just like Perma Classic, the lubrication cycle is determined by the colour coded activation screws. The four screws are; Yellow (with the shortest cycle), green, red and grey (longest cycle). The screw initiates pressure and this moves the piston forward. This endlessly inserts small amounts of lubricant into the point of lubrication.

Advantages of Perma Futura

  • Can be used in dangerous areas
  • Relevant for many applications
  • The control unit can be reused
  • Regulated oil discharge
  • 1-12 month discharge setting
  • During the discharge period, it is temperature independent
  • Perma Futura Catalogues

    All of our catalogues are available in PDF format to download. To view our Perma Lubrication Systems catalogue please use the link below or on our Catalogues page.

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