Perma Classic

Perma Classic

Perma Classic is a single-point lubrication system used for many applications.

How Perma Classic works
The operating principle is established on an electrochemical reaction and can be used at ambient temperatures of 0 to 40+ Degrees.
The Perma Classic is completely dust and water proof which makes it reliable but is also durable as it can tolerate impacts.
The period of lubrication is set on the colour coded triggered screws, and, depending on the application you choose to use the Perma Classic, will depend on how you discharge it, over a period of either 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.
The triggered screw initiates pressure and this moves the piston forward and this endlessly inserts small amounts into the point of lubrication.

Advantages of Perma Classic

  • Can be used in dangerous areas.
  • Commercial change from manual to automatic Perma lubrication.
  • Hands-free supply of fresh, clean lubrication.
  • Effortless operating principle, colour coded time settings.
  • Clear end cone indicates when empty.
  • Tolerates accidental knocks and impact.
  • Perma Classic Catalogues

    All of our catalogues are available in PDF format to download. To view our Perma Lubrication Systems catalogue please use the link below or on our Catalogues page.

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