Perma Lubrication Systems

Perma Lubrication SystemsWe now offer a range of Perma automatic lubricators for bearings.

These devices, which are available in various versions including electro-chemical and electro-mechanical formats enable maintenance engineers to efficiently schedule re-greasing of critical components.

They are available with many different greases such as general purpose and food quality, and can be set to deliver the grease over different periods of time.

Refills are available making them a sensible and reliable solution to many greasing issues.

Lubricators can be mounted either in close proximity to the item being greased, or at a remote location which better suits the maintenance requirements.

Here at Townsend Bearings we sell a wide range of Perma products. Below, there are links over to our separate Perma pages, with vital information on different products. These products include the popular Perma Classic and The Perma Futura. PDF’s for these seperate products can also be found in the separate pages.

Perma product pages

Perma Classic
Perma Futura
Perma Nova
Perma Star Vario/Star Control Time and Star Control Impulse

All of our catalogues are available in PDF format to download. To view our Perma Lubrication Systems catalogue please use the link below or on our Catalogues page.

Perma Lubrication Systems

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