Gates Polychain

Here at Townsend’s, we supply a range of Gates Polychain Belts and Sprockets.

Polychain Belt
Gates Poly Chain GT 2 Belt

Gates Poly Chain GT 2 belt system is designed to reduce lifetime power transmission costs by saving space, weight and maintenance on high-torque synchronous drives.

Simply, the Poly Chain GT2 and Taper-Lock sprocket drive system is the toughest belt on the market, and is made by Gates – The Driving Force In Power Transmission.

The belt – a Gates exclusive – is built with a polyurethane body, aramid fiber tensile cords and nylon tooth facing that provide more strength and durability than typical roller chain and rubber synchronous belt systems.

It is maintenance free, requires no retensioning and offers long dependable service on drives ranging from conveyors to compressors, from cutters to crushers, in industries as diverse as food processing, packaging and lumber manufacturing.

Poly Chain GT Carbon Belt

Gates new Poly Chain GT Carbon Belt, nothing tougher.
If you thought roller chain was your only drive option, think again. Gates new Poly Chain GT Carbon belt is part of a powerful synchronous belt drive system that outperforms roller chain in even the most demanding high-torque applications. Gates Poly Chain GT2 belts have been replaced with Poly Chain GT Carbon belts. In most drives they serve as a direct replacement.

Gates Poly Chain GT Carbon belt offers enhancements that exceed the current market-leading Poly Chain GT2 belt, such as better performance, more flexibility for use with backside idlers and greater resistance to moisture.

Polychain Sprocket
Polychain Sprockets


  • Full split in bushing allows easy installation and removal
  • Precise sprocket design produces positive, press fit to shaft.
  • Smaller, narrower sprockets save shaft space, keep the load closer to bearing and extend life of reducer.
  • Poly Chain GT2 Sprockets keep overhung load below manufacturers recommendation.
  • Sprockets are precision manufactured and static balanced.

  • Sprockets for the Poly Chain GT belts are available in 8mm and 14mm pitches. Sprocket part numbers are comprised of pitch, number of grooves and width. For example, part number 8MX-48S-12 denotes 8mm pitch, 48 grooves, ā€œSā€ for sprocket and 12mm width. On a sprocket, pitch is the distance between groove centers and is measured on the pitch circle of the sprocket. The pitch circle of the sprocket coincides with the pitch line of the belt mating with it. The pitch diameter of the sprocket is always greater than its outside diameter.

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