Engineering Plastics

Engineering Plastics

There are many Engineering Plastics available offering advantages in many situations. An example of this is where lubrication may be a problem or a low friction surface is required.

Typically, Engineering Plastics are chosen for their range of enhanced physical properties e.g. polycarbonate is highly impact resistant and polyamides are highly resistant to abrasion. In these types of applications, designers are looking for plastics that can replace traditional engineering materials such as wood or metal. The advantage gained is the inherent ‘formability’ (ease of manufacture) of Engineering Plastics as opposed to metal-working or fabrication.

Other properties exhibited by various grades of Engineering Plastics include high heat resistance, rigidity, mechanical strength, chemical stability and flame retardency.

Round natural nylon bar and molybdenum disulphide or oil impregnated nylon bar for use making bushes.

Polyethylene strips and sheets, commonly called Wear Strip can be profiled for use as guides, supports and tensioners in belt and chain drives and in conveyor applications.

Engineering Plastics such as PTFE are widely used in the food industry where clean food-safe low friction materials are required.

One of the main uses for Engineering plastics is in the field of Plastics Engineering.

Plastics engineering encompasses the processing, design, development, and manufacture of plastics products. Plastics engineering encompasses Engineering Plastics and plastic machinery. Plastic Machinery is the general term for all types of devices and machinery used in the plastics processing industry.

The nature of Engineering Plastics poses unique challenges to an engineer. Mechanical properties of plastics are often difficult to quantify, and the plastics engineer has to design a product that meets certain specifications while keeping costs to a minimum.

Other properties that the plastics engineer has to address include; outdoor weatherability, thermal properties such as upper use temperature, electrical properties, barrier properties, and resistance to chemical attack

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