Disc Springs

Here at Townsend Bearings we are industrial suppliers of a range of different sized Disc Springs. Disc springs are typically used as springs, or to apply a pre-load or flexible quality to a bearing or bolted joint.

Disc Springs are conical shaped washers that were invented in the middle of the nineteenth century by Julian F. Belleville and were consequently called Belleville Washers, a term that is still used today.

By stacking Disc Springs of varying thicknesses and diameters, in different configurations, a variety of spring characteristics can be achieved.

If Disc Springs are stacked facing the same way they are said to be stacked in parallel. If Disc Springs are stacked in opposite directions they are said to be in series. A combination of series and parallel can be used to achieve the spring characteristics required for specific applications.

Some properties of Disc Springs include: low creep tendancy, high fatigue life, high load capacity with a small spring deflection, better space utilization and the possibility for high hysteresis (damping) by stacking several Belleville Washers on top of each other in the same direction.

Disc Springs are commonly used in aircraft, bolt-action target rifles, pre loading bearings, and even formula one car’s as they provide extremely detailed tuning ability.

They can be supplied in a variety of surface finishes to suit applications. Surface finishes include the following :

  • Browning – which is a process to produce an oxidised surface onto which a corrosion inhibiting oil can be applied.
  • Mechanical Zinc Plating
  • Nickel Plating
  • Zinc Phosphate

There are many more finishes available, so please enquire if you have specific requirements.

All of our catalogues are available to download in PDF format. To view our catalogues see links to the main Associated Engineering Products catalogue and main Disc Springs sections below.

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