Classic and Vintage Oils

Classic and Vintage Oils
Here at Townsend Bearings, We stock a wide range of Classic and Vintage Oils ranging from Golden Film SAE 30 To Silkolene Rhino 140.

Our list of Classic and Vintage Oils includes:

  • Silkolene Chatsworth 30 Classic
  • Silkolene Chatsworth 40 Classic
  • Silkolene Hardwick 50 Classic
  • Silkolene Osmaston 50 Classic
  • Silkolene Silkolube 20W50
  • Silkolene Donnington 40 Classic
  • Silkolene Rhino 140 Classic
  • Silkolene Castorene R40
  • Golden Film SAE 30 Classic Motor Oil

  • Golden Film SAE 30 Classic Motor Oil

    Golden Film Classic Motor Oils are a specialist range of high quality, low detergent/dispersant monograde lubricants. These oils are suitable for use in naturally aspirated four stroke petrol and diesel engines and classic gearbox designs.

    Golden Film Classic Motor Oils are recommended for use in veteran, classic and vintage cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and tractors, where engine design and tolerances prohibit the use of modern multigrade, high additive level oils. Modern dispersant additives keep combustion chamber contamination suspended in the lubricant, allowing full flow cartridge filters to remove it.

    Castorene R40

    Castor based blend incorporating synthetic lubricants and additives for enhanced lubricating qualities. Minimises the risk of thickening or lacquer formation. Can be used for both 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines. Methanol and petrol compatible.

    Silkolene Chatsworth 30 + 40

    Monograde engine oils, manufactured from a blend of selected high quality base oils and additives, suitable for vehicles circa 1950 – 1960. Designed to provide detergent / dispersant properties for improved engine cleanliness and reduced wear.

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