A plain bearing is the simplest type of bearing, comprising just a bearing surface and no rolling elements. Therefore the journal (i.e., the part of the shaft in contact with the bearing) slides over the bearing surface. The simplest example of a plain bearing is a shaft rotating in a hole.

Plain bearings, in general, are the least expensive type of bearing. They are also compact and lightweight, and they have a high load-carrying capacity.

What are bushes?

A bushing, also known as a bush, is an independent plain bearing that is inserted into a housing to provide a bearing surface for rotary applications; this is the most common form of a plain bearing. Common designs include solid (sleeve and flanged), split, and clenched bushings. A sleeve, split, or clenched bushing is only a “sleeve” of material with an inner diameter (ID), outer diameter (OD), and length. The difference between the three types is that a solid sleeved bushing is solid all the way around, a split bushing has a cut along its length, and a clenched bearing is similar to a split bushing but with a clench across the cut.

A flanged bushing, or flanged bush is a sleeve bushing with a flange at one end extending radially outward from the OD. The flange is used to positively locate the bushing when it is installed or to provide a thrust bearing surface

The range of bushes we can supply here at Townsend Bearings is vast. We can supply bushes in a range of materials such as sintered bronze like Oilite Bushes, steel backed ptfe like Glacier Bushes and many types of Plastic Bushes.

Townsend Bearings has a vast amount of technical information available, enabling us to help you to find what you’re looking for and select the right product for the application.

We keep a range of stock material in bronze alloy and plastic, and we are able to supply bespoke special bushes to customer requirements, particularly useful when a modification or repair demands using a size of bush that is not available as standard.

See our Oilite Bushes page for more detailed information and for links to our range of Oilite Bushes PDF catalogues that can be downloaded.

See our Glacier Bushes page for more detailed information and for links to our range of Glacier Bushes PDF catalogues that can be downloaded.

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