Rod Ends & Spherical Plain Bearings

Rod Ends and Spherical Bearings

Rod Ends or Rod End Bearings, sometimes called rose joints, are mechanical articulating joints. Such joints are used on the ends of control rods, steering links, tie rods, or anywhere a precision articulating joint is required. A ball swivel with an opening through which a bolt or other attaching hardware may pass is pressed into a circular casing with a threaded shaft attached. The threaded portion may be either female or male.

Townsend Bearings can supply Rod Ends and Spherical Bearings in a number of configurations depending on the application.

Rod Ends can be imperial or metric, and may have a female or male thread. The joint may be re-greaseable or be lined with ptfe making it self-lubricating.

The ball may be carbon chrome or stainless steel with liners such as naval bronze with ptfe or sintered copper.

The housings come in many materials including zinc plated carbon steel, nickel chromium molybdenum steel with a phosphated finish, cadmium plated carbon steel, mild steel with a phospated finish and stainless steel.

Spherical Plain Bearings have an inner ring with a spherical outside surface, like a ball, that rotates inside an outer ring. The outside surface of a Spherical Plain Bearing is parallel so that it can be pushed into a housing. Their design makes them particularly suitable for bearing arrangements where alignment movements between shaft and housing have to accommodate, or where oscillating or recurrent tilting movements must be permitted at relatively slow sliding speeds.

Spherical Plain Bearings are available in a variety of materials and lubrication configurations depending on the application.

Applications range from track rods on vehicles to fixing eyes on hydraulic rams.

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