Linear Bearings

Linear Bearings and Equipment

A linear-motion bearing, also known as a linear slide is a bearing designed to provide free motion in one dimension. There are many different types of linear motion bearings.

About Linear Ball Bearing and Uses

Linear bearings are used in applications where a component needs to have high accuracy when being moved along a straight line. The object may also need to be returned to its origin with high repeat-ability. Linear bearings have wide load capacities and come in a variety of styles.
Linear bearings and shaft assemblies are widely used in manufacturing equipment. This equipment includes lathes and cnc machines, but the Linear Bearings can be adapted for a multitude of many other applications where some kind of linear motion is required.

Linear equipment can generally be split into three parts.
There is the support shaft that the ball bushing runs on, the ball bushing itself and the bearing housing.

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