Agricultural Accessories

We are situated in a rural area and supplying the agricultural community has always been a very important part of our business. Many of the other pages on this site, for example ball and roller bearings, belts and pulleys, chains and sprockets and lubricants/oils and greases play an equally important roll in our attempts to provide the most complete service that we can. Since the range of accessories we can supply to the agricultural world, in addition to the links mentioned above, is far too extensive to describe in detail here, listed below are just a few examples.
Agricultural Accessories

  • Cable ties
  • Bonnet catches
  • Linch pins
  • Hose clips
  • Key steel
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Various pins
  • Rope
  • Shackles
  • Roll pins
  • Studding
  • Hydraulics
  • Wire rope and fittings
  • Trailer brake rams
  • Various hitches
  • Jacks
  • Lighting boards and lamps
  • Reflectors
  • Towing eyes and winches

General workshop consumables including :

  • Oil cans
  • Axle stands
  • Tools and fasteners
  • Paint and thinners
  • Welding consumables etc.
  • Battery chargers
  • Cables
  • Fuses
  • Ignition switches
  • Keys and booster cables
  • Seven pin plugs and sockets
  • Tow ropes
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Gas struts
  • Mirrors
  • Wiper blades and motors
  • PTO spares
  • Top links & bottom links
  • Pins and general linkage equipment
  • Universal joints and silencers

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