Loctite Repair Products

Loctite Repair Products
Metal Filled Compounds

Repair or Rebuild Metal Damaged Parts!

Loctite Metal-filled Compounds offer maintenance solutions to the problems caused by impingement and mechanical damage, including cracks in housings, worn keyways in shafts and collars, worn cylindrical shafts, etc. Loctite Metal-filled Compounds repair, rebuild and restore damaged machinery and equipment permanently and without the need of heat or welding.

There are many key benefits to Loctite Metal Filled Compounds:

  • Fast repair
  • Low shrinkage to reduce stress on components
  • Easy to apply
  • No need to heat parts
  • Make repairs right on the production line
  • Match metal colour
  • Can be drilled, tapped or machined after cure
  • Superior adhesion to metal, ceramic, wood, glass and some plastics
  • Excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals to increase part life
  • Choice of mild steel, aluminium or non-metallic fillers
  • Create durable repairs
  • High compression strength for mechanical applications
  • Emergency Repair Products

    There are many Loctite emergency repair products, such as the O-ring Kit and Loctite 8040.
    Listed below is key information on a few of the different products Loctite have in the Emergency repair products range.

    Loctite 3463

    Loctite 3463 Metal-filled Compounds, 2K Epoxy, Kneadable.

    Sets in 10 minutes. Steel filled kneadable Stick. Adheres to damp surfaces and cures under water. Chemical and corrosion resistant. Can be drilled, filed and painted.

    Your benefits

  • Emergency sealing of leaks in pipes and tanks
  • Smoothes welds
  • Repairs small cracks in castings
  • Technical data

  • Working life: 3 min.
  • Fixture time: 10 min.
  • Shear strength (GBMS): >6 N/mm²
  • Compressive strength: 82,7 N/mm²
  • Service temperature range: -30 °C to +120 °C
  • Pack sizes: 50g, 114g
  • Loctite 8040

    Loctite 8040 Lubrication – Oil, Freeze & Release.

    Your benefits

  • Releases rusted, corroded and seized components by the shock- freezing effect
  • Wicks directly into the rust by capillary action
  • Released parts remain lubricated and protected from corrosion
  • Technical data

  • Service temperature range: n.a.
  • Pack sizes: 400ml aerosol
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